About Kyoto


Kyoto is a small, compact city. (The city is a basin which restricts the space for construction, thus properties do not drop in value).


Kyoto has more than seven million inbound/outbound visitors from around the world yearly. thus, Kyoto is a famous city for tourism and there are various business properties.


Access to Transport: The Shinkansen (bullet-train) operates in Kyoto and is only one train ride away from Kansai International Airport.

Love of the city

Investors simply love Kyoto.

A Recent example of an international transaction

An investor from Hong Kong had purchased a commercial building in Teramachi

avenue which is a famous street in Kyoto.

Afterwards, he showed some interest in other buildings in the area so the company

contacted the property owners and negotiated a price for him. As a result, he was able to

purchase the properties for a reduced price.

After the purchase the company collects the rent and sends it to him.

The company also handles the tax payment.

About us

The company specializes in investment properties in Kyoto and that is why it has the latest and most recent information regarding investment properties in Kyoto. Currently, the company is expanding its reach to other major cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka.

The company also operates and runs hotels. Thus, after the acquirement of facilities, customers have been entrusting the management to us the company.

The company values full transparency with its customers. Thus, a relationship of trust is born between the company and the customer.