Anti-Social forces policy

Japan Investment Property (Hereafter “The Company”), in accordance to the “Comprehensive Guidelines for how companies prevent Damage from Anti-social forces” established by the government, we have erected a policy and act upon the rules of this policy and conduct business with the following rules.

  1. The company swears to not conduct business that has any sort of connection with Anti-social forces.
  2. The company does not and will not accept any requests from Anti-social forces
  3. When dealing with Anti-social forces This company will act in accordance with the law and civil affairs.
  4. The company would work together with specialists to better prepare for how to deal with requests from Anti-social forces if they were to come.
  5. The company does not and will not provide funds to Anti-social forces
  6. This company is always on the watch for interventions from Anti-social forces and we guarantee that our staff will not be harmed. 
  7. Our staff will uphold the above policy at all times and do not/will not make any sort of connection with an Anti-social force.
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