Privacy Policy

Handling and Use of private information  

The company would act upon the following policy written in the below in order to manage the information of its users in the safest manner possible. 

  • The company handles information and deletes information if needed.
  • The company handles private information in accordance with the law. 
  • The company always makes an effort to improve the handling of private information. 

The company requires private information for creating an account and sending a contact form. 

  • The company handles private information in accordance with the law in order to give its users the safest experience it possibly can. 
  • When using this site please make sure to read and understand the privacy policy. 

Handling of required private information

  • Name, Address, Phone Number, Mail-address, etc. are examples of basic information that is required to identify an individual. Contact forms and Appraisals etc. require inputting this private information. 

Private Information Usage

  • The required private information is used in order to improve the service that the company provides for its user.

Cookies policy

  • In order to save the identification symbol of the web server used to access this site, this website uses cookies. The cookies are saved in the user’s computer and are used for saving important information to the user’s computer. 

This website makes sure that in case of improper access to the cookies to delete all sensitive information from the cookies in order to make sure that the data would not be used improperly by an unauthorized user. 

Access log

  • This website saves data inputted by the user to an access log.  The inputted data does not contain any private information. Data such as Access date and IP address are saved. The access log is used in order to maintain the site and for analysis. 

Disclosure or distribution of private information to a third party

  • The company does not provide private information to a third party without the permission of the user. However, there are cases when the company may require the services of other companies and in that case, there might be a need to share private information with other companies. Furthermore, if required by the law the company will share the user’s private information. 

Policy Updates

  • When there is a need to update the policy, the company would not contact the user to ask for permission. Agreeing to the terms of agreement means also agreeing to the updates in the terms of the agreement. 


  • If changes in the data provided by the user are needed, please contact us at the following address. 

I have read the terms and conditions and accept them.

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